The East of England Rural Forum (EERF)

Regional Rural Delivery Framework

The Regional Rural Delivery Framework (RRDF) will guide public service providers, helping them meet the needs and priorities of rural areas.

Regional partners with a significant role in rural service delivery contributed to the development of the Framework. The partnership includes:

  • Natural England
  • East of England Development Agency (EEDA)
  • East of England Regional Assembly (EERA)
  • Government Office for the East of England (GO-East)
  • Forestry Commission
  • Environment Agency
  • English Heritage

The 2004 Rural Strategy concluded that Regional Rural Forums should lead and manage stakeholder activities in their region. EERF hold the Framework.

The RRDF Steering Group, on which the partnership organisations are represented, has been set up to provide oversight of the Framework, monitor its content, uptake, delivery and relevance to circumstances. The Steering Group will produce an annual monitoring report for the EERF. This will allow the EERF to monitor and challenge how the priorities outlined in the RRDF are delivered by others.

This Framework identifies the needs and priorities of the countryside, communities and businesses, in the rural areas of the region. Service deliverers will use it to guide their activity at sub-regional, regional and national levels.

This Framework encourages clear and effective communication between service providers, stakeholders and rural communities at sub-regional and regional level. It builds on existing delivery structures to shape and enhance future arrangements. It has an ambition to provide positive, measurable benefits to a wide range of people and organisations involved with rural delivery.