The East of England Rural Forum (EERF)

2008 Annual Conference

‘Affordable and Zero Carbon Homes in Rural Areas – Can They Be Delivered?’ Conference Report Available

The report from the EERF’s annual conference 2007/08 is now available.

The report documents evidence collected at the conference on affordable zero carbon rural housing.  On the basis of this evidence, together with the results of the EERF/CLA Study completed prior to the conference the EERF has identified a number of actions that it will take forward at regional and national levels.

Conference Papers and EERF / Country Land and Business Association Report
The East of England Rural Forum’s annual conference took place on 5 March 2008.

EERF / CLA Report: Affordable Rural Housing: Barriers to Land Provision

Removing the Barriers to Affordable Housing Provision (Tim Isaac)

The Planning Context of Rural Affordable Housing (Phil Kirby)

Delivering Zero Carbon Homes in Rural Areas (Gina Yuzbasioglu)

Hastoe Housing Association (Ulrike Maccariello)

Flagship Housing Group (Martin Aust)