The East of England Rural Forum (EERF)

Communications Strategy

The purpose of the Communications Strategy is to enable EERF to be better able to influence local, regional and national policy.

The Objectives of the Strategy are:

  • To develop and deliver a communication strategy that contributes to the successful delivery of the EERF Action Plan.
  • To identify all stakeholders across the rural sector that have an interest in the implementation of the EERF Plan and to set out the purpose, means and frequency of communication with them, ensuring that this is commensurate with their current influence and level of interest.
  • To communicate information on the work of EERF to the Defra Minister (and as appropriate other Government Departments) and also to the rural constituents in the East of England region.
  • To build working relationships with respective constituent groups in the region.

East of England Rural Forum Communications Strategy 2009/2010