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May 23rd

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March 6th

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The joint bid submitted by the Forum together with the Food and Agriculture Board (FAB) has been selected to form one of the Rural and Farming Networks. So far 14 Networks have been established and will provide a hotline to the heart of government and directly shape DEFRA’s rural polices.

Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference, Jim Paice said:
“For too long our rural communities have been overlooked and had too little say in decisions which affect them. We are putting that right through the Rural and Farming Networks. They will have direct access to Ministers and, just as importantly, Ministers will use them to ensure we understand the impact of our policies.“

"Defra will be the ‘listening’ department that will understand and promote the interests of rural communities and businesses based on direct contact with the people whose livelihoods we are championing.”

To find out how this will affect the Forum click here to read Pat’s latest newsletter.


November 24th

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July 16th

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July 15th

The Sustainable Farming and Food Strategy Sub Group (SFFS) is reorganising itself to create an East of England Food and Agriculture Board (FAB) and the inaugural meeting will be held in July 2011.